Communication with your customer in today's market is extremely important. Most, if not all, is through some form of online media. 

While having a good website that will attract new clients is important, more emphases needs to be placed on your websites visual vocabulary. Give us a call and strengthen your online vocabulary today.

We will determine, through consultation, what visual advancements you seek for your products.  By enhancing your visual online vocabulary, your clients can better familiarize themselves with your products.  Each product will be photographed from many different angles giving you the choice to select which photos will best convey your product. Now the only thing left for you to do is to give us a call or send us an email and we will get started on your consultation.

Cost on most shoots will vary depending on these factors:  Scope, Setup, Positioning, Styling, Special Set Design, and Polishing. Services offered are:


Hourly Rate                             $60                       

Full-Day Rate                          $900

Half-Day Rate                         $500

Corporate Head Shot             $175 /w $50 Deposit

Portfolio                                  $300 /w $100 Deposit

Video                                      $500

Branding Package                 $750
(Photoshoot, Designing Business Cards/Flyers, Website SEO, Social media/Google promotion. All per month)

Products                                 Variable

Editorial                                  Variable

Social Media Marketing         Variable

Custom Photo Shoot              Variable

Commercial/ Residential Real Estate starting at $200.

Buildings with more then 1 floor price will vary depending on how many floors, if any, need to be photographed.

(Residential up to 20 images.  Commercial 10 - 15 images.

All licensing cost included)