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Processes Made Easy

Step 1: Send In Your Product

You will be contacted that your product has arrived and the condition it has arrived in. If there is any damage or something that cannot be fixed in post-production, then you will be notified. You will be able to send a replacement product at no additional cost.

Step 2: View and Select Your Images

Once your photos have been photographed, they will be uploaded to your private client portal. There you will be able to view and select all of your images. You simply write down the number assigned to each photo and email your selection in.

Step 3: Pay For Your Images

Go to the pay option tab and click the button. Simply add up the number of images that you have selected, find the pay structure for the number range of images, and pay that amount. When we confirm payment, your images will be processed immediately.

Step 4: Download Your Images

Your edited and polished images will be uploaded to a private area where you will be able to download your images in a high resolution 300dpi format. Images will be a TIFF file. PSD layered images and JPEGs are available upon request.

It is literally that simple. In just a minimal of 3 business days, you will have your product images back and working for you in all of the platforms you are associated with. 

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